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Astro Dr. Ravi Kant

KP Astrology, Lal Kitab, Vedic Astrology


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He has completed my M.Com, Ph.D and L.L.B. After starting my career as a Lecturer, I became interested in the field of Astrology. 9 Planets, 9 Rashis and 27 Nakshatra; their influence and impact on a human, how it impacts one’s thinking. How the same Rahu can make one a technocrat, and the same Rahu can also lead to drug addiction. How the energies of different planets can be utilized and channelized in different forms. I was also intrigued by the fact that the entire nature is connected with our astrology. Furthermore, how our ancient sages used to give remedies to anyone coming to them. Planting a Banana sapling and taking its care can help in reducing the malefic influence of a certain planet. Another important aspect of astrology that is usually not discussed is the impact of external planets on a human life. What is the influence of Neptune, Pluto and Uranus on anyone’s life? How is Uranus related to the technical and scientific temperament of an individual, how the Placement of Neptune affects your spiritual development and intuitive powers etc. I have clients from different parts of world including US, UAE, Canada, Australia etc. I have doctors from different professions such as Lecturers, CA, Doctors I have studied Vedic, K.P, Horary and Lal kitab astrology. I believe learning astrology is an unending and ongoing process I can speak in English and Hindi fluently.

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