Laughing Buddha is a symbol of luck, fortune, positivity, and prosperity. It comes in various forms, Like a pot of gold or a sack filled with treasures. There are certain rules and regulations, as they believe one must not selfishly buy the symbol of wealth.


Laughing Buddha with children

It also represents the Luck and wealth that the newborn Baby has brought with him.


It represents the life of a monk who spends his whole life Just for the happiness of the people.


Carrying a sack or a bag represents a traveler. It means Buddha collects the problems of the people and puts them in its sack.


It represents happiness and Joy. Weaving a fan of Buddha clears away all the negative energies from our lives and the home a happy place to live.


Always place Laughing Buddha in front of your main door. It attracts luck and fortune.

Place the Buddha in the east direction of the house or at someplace from where all the family members can see it.
Rub the belly of the big fat Buddha every morning. It pleases him and he blesses your life with loads of happiness and joy.
Always place Buddha at a height equal to eye level.
Keep Buddha on the office desk gives a hike in salary.
Do you know why laughing Buddha is not & bought with own money?
often. you must have heard that Laughing Buddha is only auspicious if someone presents you.
Do not buy it with your own money, It is only when someone gives you
Laughing Buddha is a gift that you get prosperity and happiness.
Keeping the image in the drawing-room facing the east will strengthen the bond between family members.
Placed in the southeast direction, Laughing Buddha is believed to increase the good fortune. the image. should not be kept in the South. North Direction is a good direction.