Love Report

What is Relationship Analysis Report?

Compatibility between the couples is key to the success of the relationship. If two people are not mentally, emotionally, intellectually, or physically compatible, the relationship is unlikely to last even if things seem to be perfect to start with. Vedic astrology can look into the personality and love nature of individuals based on their horoscope and check if they are compatible with one another and if the relationship has the potential to last. The Relationship Analysis reading covers the compatibility between the couple.

How the Relationship Analysis Report will benefit you?

The Relationship Analysis Report covers all aspects of the Love Compatibility between you and a potential love partner, for example: 

  • Mental Compatibility i.e. if the thinking patterns and intellectual level matches.

  • Physical or Sexual compatibility, i.e. if the sexual nature blends well.

  • If the love partnership will bring material benefits and financial luck to either one or both the partners.

  • Longevity of the couple’s life, i.e. how long you will remain as a couple.

  • Longevity of life of each partner - by checking Mangal Dosha.

  • Longevity of romantic attraction between the two people in love.

  • Effect on the family status, happiness, and prosperity if the two individuals get married.

  • Progeny prospects, i.e. predictions related to parenthood and children.

  • Relationship harmony and peace, any chances of major ego

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